5 Interesting Ideas On Ways To Decorate Your House For Christmas

October 27, 2021

Christmas holidays are colorful, delightful, and the loveliest time of the year. Christmas is about celebrating and spending your time with friends and family. Part of what makes the festivity merry is the decorations. Properly designed Christmas decorations help to spread good cheer and the holiday spirit. But most people dread decorating as they find it is a lot of work and expensive, which does not have to be the…


Is Makeup Ok for Kids?

December 7, 2020

“Is makeup ok for kids?” is a question I see asked more than any other these days. With the number of products that are now available for both children and adults from birth to twenty-five years of age, it is hard to imagine that something as important as makeup could be left up to a two-year-old or older child.   There are many benefits of using makeup on younger skin….