Pool Maintenance Jobs You Can Complete Before Summer

Outdoor swimming pools are used mostly during the summer when temperatures outside are high enough to make swimming enjoyable. With indoor pools, you can take a swim at any time regardless of the temperatures outside. Proper maintenance of outdoor pools is the key to ensuring your pool does not develop any issues in the summer or in the future. If you do not maintain your pool properly, you will be forced to carry out pool renovation regularly, which can be a costly undertaking. While there are some maintenance procedures you can complete on your own, you might need to hire a pool maintenance company to carry out certain maintenance tasks. Below is a list of pool maintenance jobs that Kim Mortley from Dolphin Pools has suggested you can complete before summer:

1. Pool Rejuvenation and Maintenance

After leaving your swimming pool unattended to for months, this is the perfect opportunity to rejuvenate. Start by skimming the pool water for leaves and other types of debris. While the cold of winter made it impossible for algae to grow on the water, the rising temperatures can create the perfect environment for algae to thrive in the pool especially if there is some debris on the water. Skimming the water to remove debris can help prevent his. If you had not covered the pool, be sure to cover it. This is not just a safety measure, it will also help reduce evaporation and further contamination.

2. Clean and Run the Pool Filter

As you wait for the hot summer months to arrive, you need to maintain the pool by cleaning the water filtration system. Remove any debris you can get your hands on from the filter, clean the filter, replace the cartridges and turn on the filtration system when done. Be sure to run the filter after every couple of days to ensure it runs perfectly.

3. Repair Cracks

If there are any noticeable chips or cracks on the deck of the swimming pool, you should carry out repairs before summer. These cracks and chips can become more serious with time and can lead to serious damage. This is because cracks let in moisture, which expands and contracts with temperature changes, thereby causing water damage.

4. Vacuum the Bottom of Your Pool

Some of the debris that may fall into the swimming pool will sink to the bottom instead of floating. After removing any floating debris by skimming the surface of the water, you should vacuum the floor of the swimming pool to remove any debris. Please note that there are some automatic pool cleaners that can do the cleaning easily and faster.

Be sure to also test your water to check the pH and get the necessary pool treatment chemicals ready before summer. Once temperatures start rising, you can treat the water and start using the swimming pool. It is always a good idea to have the contact details of a competent pool maintenance company to help you with this if you want to get things right.