A Comprehensive Guide To Bathroom Renovations

Renovating the bathrooms is one of those house projects you cannot escape. Most bathrooms are open to water damage which can cause rot or moulds. Besides, bathroom trends change fast compared to any other room in the house. That might be why they need renovations regularly.
You can embrace bathroom remodelling to repair an old bathroom, keep it dated, or make it more functional. However, to ensure you get the project right, here is a comprehensive stepwise guide to bathroom renovations you should note.

Stage 1: Planning Phase
Never start a bathroom renovation without making a detailed plan of the project. You will be working without direction, which might lead to you not achieving your goal. It might also cause you to go beyond the set budget. You need to start the renovation by designing the bathroom layout.
Planning is also vital as it gives you an idea of the amount of work that will need to complete the project. Make sure you put every detail, no matter how small, in your planning. That way, you can plan the budget and schedule the time to complete the project. Do your research so that you can set up the proper budget for the project.

Stage 2: Demolition
Demolition is the messiest part of the bathroom renovations project. Before the demolition, take out all your personal belongings from the bathroom. You should also take out any fixture or furniture that you will reuse carefully. Finally, to avoid injuries take out anything containing glass or ceramic before you start with the demolition.
After taking everything out, it is time for demolition; take out the walls and the tiles. But you should be careful not to knock down anything that contains electricity or a pipe fixture. After you complete the demolition, ensure that you dispose of the waste.

Stage 3: Remodelling
Now that all the unwanted pieces are out, the next step is to layout and shape the bathroom. Start by putting the structure and floors in place. Once this is complete, you can install the electrical, plumbing, HVAC, and ceiling.
When done with the remodelling phase, get a professional to do a round of inspections to ensure everything is well done. If the inspector signs off, then you can go ahead and install the drywall.

Stage 4: Waterproofing
Once the drywall is in place, the next bathroom renovations stage is waterproofing. It is essential even if the new bathroom you are getting is not a completely wet room. There are two stages of waterproofing. The first stage is stopping water from water outlets from getting into the structure of the building.
The other stage ensures that no crystalline or salt will come through the tiles or damage them. These stages are critical because they will help ensure that you do not get water damage in your bathroom. If you skip this stage, you will likely deal with rots and moulds in your bathroom.

Stage 5: Installing Fixtures
The bathroom needs different fixtures like furniture, not forgetting the electrical and plumbing work. All these should be properly installed if you do not want issues when using the bathrooms. Thus, a professional plumber should handle the installation of sinks, faucets, showerheads, and toilets, and for the light fixtures, call an electrician.
Finally, once you have completed the project, call for a final inspection for all the completed mechanicals. That will help ensure you do not leave a project that will compromise the service you get from your renovated bathroom.

Stage 6: Finishing
Once everything is in place, the next step is finishing your bathroom. The step includes the final touches like installing mirrors, cabinetry, toilet roll holder, hand towels, and doors. More so, it’s here where you get to paint the walls and the ceilings and add decorations to create the mood in your space.
It might be a new bathroom, but it is crucial to complete the project by extensive cleaning. That will help ensure there are no materials left once the project ends. Inspect each part of the bathroom to ensure no dry cement is left on the sink tiles.

Don’t Hesitate to Hire Bathroom Renovations Expert
No matter how much you feel like a DIY guru, bathroom renovations are demanding and can consume your time. Besides, they do not come cheap, and that is why you need a professional bathroom renovation company to help you execute the projects while cutting the costs of materials required. So take your time and do your due diligence so that you can get a reputable contractor.
Luckily, a reputable, experienced and affordable contractor like us will know the best way to handle the project to ensure that you get the best results. We also know the proper channels to follow to get the permits needed for the project. Talk to us today!