Edward Garvey

Ed Garvey is a co-founder of Fighting Bob Fest and the founder, editor and publisher of FightingBob.com.

His Web log, GarveyBlog, is housed on FightingBob.com and is updated daily. He has posted more than 2,000 blog entries since 2003.

Garvey is senior partner in the law firm Garvey McNeil & Associates, a firm that focuses on preserving the environment, promoting social and economic justice, combating political corruption, and defending people who have been discriminated against. The law firm has represented several local communities that have taken on fights to stop factory farms, Wal-Mart stores, coal burning utilities and other large operations.

Garvey was appointed by Federal Judge Barbara Crabb to represent all inmates at Wisconsin’s Supermax prison. Working with the National Prison Project of the ACLU, Garvey and the attorneys in his law firm helped achieve reforms for mentally ill inmates.

Garvey won the Democratic nomination for the U.S. Senate in 1986 and was the Democratic Party nominee for governor in 1998.

For 13 years Garvey was executive director of the National Football League Player’s Association.

Garvey writes a column for Madison’s Capital Times newspaper and he is the author of the book, “Bidding for Power.”

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