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Fighting Bob Fest logo - red background
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Sept. 7th, 2013


2011 Fighting Bob Fest Poster
Please download and print this beautiful poster to distribute amongst your friends, colleagues, and neighbors. Thanks to Laurene Bach!!!
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Arvonne Fraser Speech Transcript
Arvonne Fraser reminded all of us at Fighting Bob Fest VII that we should not take our responsibility to participate in our democracy lightly. Government is an awesome responsibility in which we all play a part, however elections do not a democracy make; human rights do.
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Bob Fest Booth 2013
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Bob Fest Booth 2014
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Doris "Granny D" Haddock Speech Transcript
If you weren't able to hear her at Fighting Bob Fest VII, we hope you are able to share the inspiration we all felt from Granny D by reading her speech transcript.
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Fighting Bob Fest poster 2013
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L.A. Times Article - Sept. 11, 2007
Check it out! Fighting Bob Fest VI got great reviews in the L.A. Times. "Progressive and Proud!"
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Fest videos